Visit to the Mills

The visit to the mills can be done independently, at your own pace, based on the visual and digital information provided on site. To find out if guided tours are planned during your visit, it is best to contact us.

Partial accessibility with assistance

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Two permanent exhibitions are presented in the reception building. The first, “Homage to the work”, deals with the history of the habits and customs of the Island through the popular art works of the artist Alfred Desgagnés.

The second pays homage to the well-known filmmaker Pierre Perrault. In the room named in his honor, you can watch, continuously, one of the three films made in the 1960s on Isle-aux-Coudres.

Exterior visit

Take advantage of the beautiful days to learn a little more about our historic site by strolling through the heritage buildings as well as all the additional information you will find on your way.

Escape games

Take part in the history of our site by participating in our puzzle games. In a group, with family or friends, this activity will allow you to discover or rediscover the site from another angle.
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